For the past 30 years, my daily life as a Bio Technologist involved molecular chemical reactions, governed by strict physical laws. The world of art, which is an extension of my scientific laboratory, allows me to explore the tension between order and chaos randomness and permanence, in an unlimited and uncontrolled way. It was not until later in my life that I began using color, shape and form as my tools to fulfill two essential and fundamental needs within me: The need to experiment and the need to explore and understand myself, nature and the mystery of the world around me.

The process of my creation is somewhat dynamic which accounts for the variations within it. My course of action is never quite the same as what came before it and probably what will follow. In fact, there are times when I am guided mainly by the colors which provide me with rich insights that completely dictate and take over the paintings. At other times, the images I reveal are simply my personal and emotional responses to events or feelings that I interpret into a physical reality on the canvas.

Over the years, my studio has become an improvised artistic laboratory that has taken on a life of its own. In my process of creation which I find both wonderfully fulfilling and frustrating, it is where I play, dream, celebrate, explore, mourn, and constantly interpret and re-interpret the essence of life.

Ehud (udi) Bassis